Aimoto Senior

indispensable assistant for elderly people

  • Smart watch with GPS geolocation, heart rate and blood pressure measurement
  • Mobile phone with SOS button
  • Pills reminder
  • Fitness tracker and personal emergency response system

Designed for people age 50 plus who want to stay active and safe. Key features include Mobile phone with SOS button, smart watch, pills reminder, heart rate and blood pressure measurement, fitness tracker and personal emergency response system.

Aimoto Start 2
& Aimoto Ocean

Let's get acquainted!

  • Smart Watch
  • Mobile phone with SOS button
  • Smart locator (4 types of geolocation)
  • Camera
  • Flashlight

Features include voice calling, location tracking, SOS alerts, parental control, fitness tracking, and lots of other options for kids to get stuck in to.

Disney | MARVEL

New design, kids love it!

  • Smart Watch
  • Mobile phone with SOS button
  • Smart locator
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • New design inspired by Disney | MARVEL heroes

Kids will definitely be delighted with the new design with world famous Disney and MARVEL characters.

Main features: voice calling, location tracking, SOS alerts, parental control, fitness tracking, safe zones camera and other additional features.

Knopka911 Application

Simple to set up, handy to use.

Knopka911 was created specially for caring parents. Available on App Store and Google Play
  • GPS/ LBS – geolocation The app allows you to track the location of your child online
  • WI-FI geolocation Track the location even indoors
  • Safety zones Parents can set up Safety zones. If your child strays beyond a safe zone, you`ll be alerted.
  • Watch removal alert You`ll be alerted if child removes smartwatches
  • Tracking history The App stores tracking history
  • Activity tracking Pedometer counts the number of steps
  • Remote control monitor You can also listen to the sound around your child
  • «Find my watch» If you lost your smart watches, just find them thru the application

About us

About Aimoto

Peace of Mind For Your Family

Established in 2011 Aimoto is a social business project providing solutions for senior and disabled people. One press of SOS button on our specialized device and professional 24/7 medical call-center receives your request with GEO data and provides immediate help and support.

Aimoto offers a wide range of specialized devices for various groups of users: mobile communication pendants and fall sensors for people with a high risk of a stroke/ loss of consciousness; a mobile phone with a SOS button and GPS module; GPS kids watch and mobile phone with a special application for parents to monitor kids location.

All devices have SOS buttons which are programed to connect its users with the round-the-clock emergency call-center. The operators at the time of the call already know who is calling, where the person is, so they are ready to quickly provide an emergency help, call to a local ambulance, police, a service of emergency situations, notify relatives. Users personal data is stored in the Aimoto CRM system (contact information, major diseases, geo data etc.), which considerably increases the efficiency of assistance.

Today on the base of existing IT and organizational platform we develop safety solutions for whole family. Company also manufactures wearable electronics for children. GPS kids watch Aimoto with a special application for parents to monitor kids location and to communicate with them. Our vision is to provide quality services connecting the family members in new ways with new interactions and engagement.

Aimoto kids watch provides the way that kids can be introduced to the mobile world in a more safe and secure way. The service lets kids be kids, so parents can let them play, confident that they always know where they are.

Aimoto partnering with the reliable telecommunication companies and manufacturers to ensure that our products and services exceed the expectations of our esteemed consumers who care their loved ones.

Our company is still young but growing fast by expanding our sales footprints across other countries. Today Aimoto provides its services for more than 250 000 subscribers. Aimoto smart watch is one of the most acclaimed and reliable products in its category.